This week’s current issue in mental health: the price of medication.
With numerous people sharing stories about how medication was the first step when they were getting help, we wanted to point out how the cost of these treatments is prohibitive especially for people without insurance.

[Edit] As many people have pointed out these are the costs of brand name medications. Always ask your doctor if there is a generic brand available because they are often much cheaper!

I never had to pay full price. The most I paid was less than 20$.

There are ways you can get free or reduced prices and they are available! You just need to look and do a little bit of research but just about everywhere in the US have programs for free or reduced medications.

Don’t be lazy or complacent. Look for them.

@flameontheotherside. Please do not call people lazy or complacent. You have no idea of their situations. I had to pay out of pocket several times. And did the best that i could and used good rx etc and it was still expensive. People should not feel helpless when it comes to meds but it’s more complicated than that what you make it out to be. Regardless, I am glad that you are able to get your meds in an affordable fashion amd I’m sure others would love to hear how you did it as well.

It’s a generalization.

Anyway if your state has medicaid, you can apply through them. I wouldn’t mind doing some searching for you, if you don’t mind telling me what state and county you’re in.

Usually there are programs based on your income. Even if you’re homeless there is something like “homeless insurance” which isn’t all that good. All cheap or government funded programs are trash but you get something.

I never had good help as in therapists and psychologists because they hardly get paid. They just rush you out the door generally speaking. They seem like they don’t care about you. Again, it’s better than nothing.

Look for medicaid programs or state insurance programs.

I lived in FL, TX, and WA and never been without my medications. I visited a hospital and they gave me hook ups to the programs I mentioned above. So you can try going to your hospital and ask for assistance with programs in your area.

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