I don’t remember much growing up with this issue. I started noticing it in my last year of high school and the beginning of college. What triggers me the most are medications, stress, anxiety, and changes in temperatures. 

It’s felt on the side of my head as a tingling like an itch I can’t scratch and if I try to stop it, I literally hurt myself. Usually, my tics are unnoticed and confused for sneezing because I’ve tried to work on disguising my problem. 

I have grown up being bullied for a lot of reasons. As an adult, I’m still bullied so learning to hide it is like an art.

Of course while in production and 2x after uploading I had tics happen…I hate my life lol


Someone suggested I could have MS. I explain the differences between the two and further noting that it’s very unlikely I may have MS but the curiosity remains as to why my TS started so late in life. I will still bring up MS with my neurologist however.

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