The World of Reincarnation


I found reincarnation
hard to understand at first, but as I grew older, I started to realize
it was a real possibility. I began to have strange feelings inside me,
the feeling that I lived on this earth before, a long, long time ago.
When I was a teenager, I felt past memories rise in my mind, and I often
had this strange, intuitive feeling that even though I was young, my
soul was old. I felt I had lived on the earth for a long, long time, and
this present life I was in was just another lifetime. I also felt a
strong connection to Ancient Egypt; in fact, I was fascinated with it,
and I learned everything I could about the Ancient Egyptian customs and
culture. Somehow, it felt like home to me.

I had these emotions
and thoughts long before I even knew Jimi Hendrix believed in
reincarnation. I had no clue he also believed he had lived many
lifetimes on the earth. Reincarnation was a deep part of Jimi Hendrix’s
beliefs, and he strongly believed that a person can reincarnate and
return to the earth.

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