You can pick up just about any verse in the Bible to twist it into your own ends just to get the response you want. It was used for evil. To justify slavery and bigotry and to prevent people from exploring God in their own way.

I feel no matter how you reach God, you are still loving God and God still loves you no matter how you live because he loves us all unconditionally. The conditional God was INVENTED for the modern people as means for instilling fear.

Do we respect our parents or do we fear them?

There is a difference and when you know that difference, you know that respect and love go together. Fear is the absence of love. We love our parents because of the life lessons they give us. We love God because of the lessons he gives us through scripture. I don’t feel it was intended to bestow fear onto us. However manipulated and misconstrued over time.

I feel as long as you accept Him (God) and love Him, you have nothing to fear and no one has ever the right to judge you but Him and Him alone.

If someone takes time out of their day to judge you, remember they are not acting out of love. They are in fear for their faith is shaken and fear is the absence of love because they can’t see past what is foreign to them.

😘💕Good night loves!

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