Speech Problems

Some times especially when I’m nervous or stoned, I talk a lot. Some times when I’m sober or stoned, I forget how to speak. English. Fucking. English.

English isn’t my second language.

I love languages and sometimes watch a bunch of videos about language. When I was little, it took me a longer time to speak. So I had to take speech therapy for a loooong fucking time. Since I stopped, in high school, I’ve been having issues crop up every now and then even as an adult.

There will be something I want to say but I can’t say it. It’s like when you forget a word or how to spell something but for me it’s whole sentences I forget how to say them. It’s there in my head but I can’t translate it to words to make a full sentence.

Please don’t say:

🧐 “Well everyone has that problem!”

That’s a huge pet peeve of mine.

This happens all the fucking time.

I don’t know who to ask about this. My psychologist? It’s not happening so much to the point its driving me insane yet. It happens once in a while. I’ve learned other languages and it’s just like that. I’m not fluent in Spanish or Dutch. But my issues were happening BEFORE I started learning those languages.

I spoke another language before English but I don’t know what it was. Probably just glorified gibberish. My twin brother and I spoke it and we spoke it when we would talk to aliens or our “imaginary friends”. I remember Wasii. And I missed him when we stopped communicating. I would often wonder where he was. We had a ET toy we named after him.

My mom still says when we spoke we had names for things.

Like we called our dolls “Monas” for instance. Mona is a Spanish word for monkey. We came from monkeys and our dolls resembled us… also isn’t far from “Monad” Which turns out to be a name for a single cell organism. I might be reaching here but its worth noting.

It would be interesting to find out why I still have issues with speech. As a toddler, my twin brother would speak for me because I couldn’t. I find myself these days fish out of water. Lol 😆

😘💕 Have a wonderful day!

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