Cooking Shows Can Mess with Your Head – Key & Peele

OMG This throws me back in culinary school during our tests. We had one chef that we called Nazi chef because be was German and known for being a dick. So I kept my head down and he gave me a really nice compliment. Not like the one in the show but I somehow pulled a dish off and it impressed him. I was scared as fuck. lol

I haven’t worked in a kitchen in yeeeaaars and I would never go back. It’s too much anxiety. I rather bake or work at a resort buffet or catering style thing. If I could do club med again, I would! Those were some of the best months of my life in 2008.

I cook at home and cater for my family. 

Even though Vince was a jackass, we made a good team cooking together. I miss those days…

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