In 2012 I was aware that a spirit was with me. I didn’t want to find out who it was. In 2009 I had given up on relationships and settled with anyone that came along just to have a place to live. In 2010 I moved in with Rob. I bought my first guitar in 2011 and was getting ready to buy a scooter because ironically driving a car felt more dangerous. I still do. Lmao I always felt bikes were better I guess because I don’t like the idea of being trapped in a small vehicle.

I really wanted to buy a motorized bike this time but Rick talked me out of it. Its alright though. I don’t know this area and there are a lot of hills. Its not like Florida where I know Broward like like blind man and is flat. Maybe some other time. I have a mountain bike instead.

Anyway I would walk past a cemetery on my way to work.

It was every day and felt the urge to have lunch on any random grave. Never did it because it felt weird to me. But during this time in 2012 I was starting to feel a good connection between myself and someone I couldn’t see.

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