Coincidentally I was thinking about the dream were two angels brought us (Erik and I) together right before I met Erik and the letter I wrote on his birthday 10 years before I would find out. There was no way of knowing his birthday. Anyway so it was right before the song started. It was on another song at the time my mind wandered so when I heard the chorus, my jaw dropped and I had to find this blog entry and the song on youtube to express my shock.

I wrote in this letter asking for Erik’s angels to bring us together. I didn’t know anything about twin flames or Erik. Being intuitive, all I knew was that he wasn’t in FL and time was running out. I needed Erik to find me because I was tired.

I don’t know if I can listen to the song again without crying.

Yes I know where this song actually came from but it’s the chorus that really got to me. I had to stop myself from bawling right there with Rick in the car and being in Walmart, it was easy to become distracted with what we were there for.

So I will post this and download this song at a better time.

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