You can buy these on eBay:
Contact me for a custom made-to-order bracelet: 

NOT AVAILABLE OUTSIDE THE US – A Refund will be issued or if you contact me directly by email, I can work with you on shipping internationally!

There is no bracelet like yours. This is a truly custom bracelet and I don’t make them look the same for the sake of originality. 

Tired of the same old boring authentic stoned jewelry? …Look no further! 

 Stones range from; Amazonite, Kunzite, Agates, Quartzs, Jades, Oynx, Re/Blue Sandstone, African Turquoise, Maifanite Stone, Labradorite Stone, Blue Aventurine, Lapis Lazuli, Pink Zebra, Chrysocolla Stone, White Crazy Agate, Colorful Picasso, Dalmation, Mix Color Red Stone, Egg Yolk Stone, silver-plated decor, and more!

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