Written on Erik’s birthday…

“Dear guardians of my soulmate,
Where do I begin? Hmm… Please allow him to find me in any way possible for I am very eager to meet yet another significant other of the past. More importantly remember, I’m in much pain from recent events so I may not be inclined to seek him at this time. I’m pleased to know angels will do anything in their power to help earth bounds like me and I appreciate this when you do your duty”

In my trance I remembered a dream that happened before meeting Erik (and the psychic that told me to talk to him). I was carried by an angel and incoming was a guy being carried by another angel. It slipped me because I had a lot going on at the time. Bf drama, work, life being what it was.

I remember his face but immediately recognized him by the hair. The same hair the “pool guy” or “beach guy” had because I never saw his face. It was always blurred out.

I snapped out of it and nearly choked up.

So…basically the angels came through. At the time I wrote that I didn’t know about twin flames or believe in them. Just soul mates and we all were soul mates. Nothing more. Didnt believe in there being just one person for you, like a twin flame.

Nevertheless I feel like yeah, this is some crazy shit.

I wrote that remembering that someone once told me that you should write a letter to your soul mates angels. Thought that furthermore I should tear that page out and put it in a Bible. But I also felt that writing it there for future reference was more important.

Just got the chills…

This is wild.

UPDATE: Took a short break and went back at it again. Now Michael (Archangel) is in our living room to tell me, to confirm my feelings. I needed another break. My third eye is tingling right now. I need to sleep so I can make it through my DMV thing. Idk if I can sleep now so my CBD vape is in my mouth like I’m chainsmoking.

Oh lord. Its been a long time since I had a session like this.

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