Written on Erik’s birthday…

“Dear guardians of my soulmate,
Where do I begin? Hmm… Please allow him to find me in any way possible for I am very eager to meet yet another significant other of the past. More importantly remember, I’m in much pain from recent events so I may not be inclined to seek him at this time. I’m pleased to know angels will do anything in their power to help earth bounds like me and I appreciate this when you do your duty”

In my trance I remembered a dream that happened before meeting Erik (and the psychic that told me to talk to him). I was carried by an angel and incoming was a guy being carried by another angel. It slipped me because I had a lot going on at the time. Bf drama, work, life being what it was.

I remember his face but immediately recognized him by the hair. The same hair the “pool guy” or “beach guy” had because I never saw his face. It was always blurred out.

I snapped out of it and nearly choked up.

So…basically the angels came through. At the time I wrote that I didn’t know about twin flames or believe in them. Just soul mates and we all were soul mates. Nothing more. Didnt believe in there being just one person for you, like a twin flame.

Nevertheless I feel like yeah, this is some crazy shit.

I wrote that remembering that someone once told me that you should write a letter to your soul mates angels. Thought that furthermore I should tear that page out and put it in a Bible. But I also felt that writing it there for future reference was more important.

Just got the chills…

This is wild.

UPDATE: Took a short break and went back at it again. Now Michael (Archangel) is in our living room to tell me, to confirm my feelings. I needed another break. My third eye is tingling right now. I need to sleep so I can make it through my DMV thing. Idk if I can sleep now so my CBD vape is in my mouth like I’m chainsmoking.

Oh lord. Its been a long time since I had a session like this.

Further update…

I still have not slept. Today is going to literally suck. I’m never happy when I don’t sleep. My mind keeps racing on and on about the connections I mentioned above. Idk why it took me this long to connect that dream (and many other dreams) to that “letter”. I just can’t believe it. I didn’t know it was his birthday. Theres absolutely no way I could have be told in 2007 because I wasn’t. All I knew was that he wasn’t in Florida. Thats all I had to go on so instead I tried to reach out to Erik and now this.

So now I feel like I’m caught in a whirlwind. I want to roll myself in a ball, in a cave or something. All while I’m hearing Erik try to calm me down because it feels like an anxiety attack because part of me still doesn’t want to believe it. This wasn’t what I had in mind in the slightest. Who wants a dead twin flame?

Its because of that letter!

Erik had to find ways to grab my attention. Every single dream. Especially the one about what happened before I incarnated. Those dreams …I remember all of them as if it happened yesterday. They were no ordinary dreams.

Ugh…my stomach is all twisted. Tried to drink a beer to see if it would help me pass out. It didn’t work. I took an extra seroquel and that was hours ago. Erik said it wouldn’t work and I kept having issues breaking the pill in half and fumbled getting it to my mouth as if to say I shouldn’t do it.. It didn’t work. Tried to listen to music. It didn’t work. Music made it much worse because I could hear Erik try to sing to me. It freaked me out.

So here I am…7:30am PST

With very little to no sleep. My body is running hot. I’m just heated. Like pissed off over all this above. Archangel Michael said I should be grateful. I’m not though. Because this experience was not what I had in mind when I wrote that fucky ducky letter. I feel like a complete idiot. The law of attraction is not a force to be wreckond with. Like be careful for what you wish for type bullshit.

I should have included that I wanted him to be idk….ALIVE when I wrote it.

What an intense night this was. I feel like I’m coming down off mdma except I haven’t done it in over a year!

😭😭😭 You guys, this really sucks…

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