People With A Spiritual Gift Are Affected By These 10 Strange Things

I don’t like sharing “signs” and shit like this but thought this held merit.

…Just don’t like some of the wording he used here but whatever.

Sometimes people put stuff out on YouTube just for the views but this one is one that I can stand by. I only have experienced or deal with a few of these.

But are they “strange”?…Not really. Not to people who are actually gifted. These are things that are just part of our lives. Yes, they can be burdensome but to say they are “strange” is just a clickbait thing people like using in their “signs” videos or articles. It’s a pet peeve of mine. Just ignore me.

People who aren’t gifted tend to think that we believe we are “special”.

That’s them projecting their “jealousy” for lack of a better term and they somehow think they can’t be gifted so it makes them less special but we all are gifted. We start out this way and it’s thanks to human conditioning and society telling us what is or isn’t “normal”. Spiritual giftedness varies in degrees because of this. I’ve known people like my younger brother who is relatively “normal” but in very rare instances will know there’s a spirit in the room. I can “see” the spirit but he can’t. He will look directly at them while we are the only ones in the room talking without knowing it until I point it out and he looks at me like I’m the crazy one! My family is psychic so

This happened when he was living with me and my ex. He turned his head, still talking to me but he was looking directly at Erik without realizing it. 

But like I said, it’s more burdensome than you think. I don’t think we believe we are better than others just because we have a gift. I think most of us rather be normal and not have to deal with the things mentioned in the video.

There are great things though…

I rather be alone because socializing is too difficult. Partly because of my autism and partly because of how sensitive I am. I like meditating and going to my astral home to talk to Erik and my guides about important things like my overall growth. I set time aside every day for it. So it’s not like I’m avoiding reality. I actually like reality but balancing spiritual life with reality is so important. So I make a huge effort to stay grounded but then I get to thinking way too logically and miss the messages I get from my guides and then there goes the warning about such and such so then I’m fucked or whatever. Other intuitives know about this. We do this all the time.

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