Dealing With Spiritualist Karens | Tumblr Vlog

Everyone once in a while or may 5x in a month I get a reading request that is far more important than other questions that get sent to me. I have a queue of 40-50 asks and these are all the same types of people who demand their questions get answered before anyone else. They all demand to know the name of their future significant other and all the bells and whistles. 

The tone the questions are asked and when I reply to them that they need to wait with everyone else is snooty, disrespectful selfish, and entitled. They sound like the Karens you hear about. Just nasty and rude people. 

 I know I should just get over it already but it really bothers me that people like this exist and they have no clue how fucked up their line of thinking is. It already comes off as they wouldn’t even know their SO even if they were hit with them because they only care about themselves. Why should I answer questions like that? I’m setting my boundaries by closing my asks and DMs until I can get through at leaf half of them.

It’s a shame and it’s fucked up it had to come to this. It just blows my mind.

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