6 Habits That Destroy Your Emotional Wellbeing

Holy shit dude, this chick’s voice is such a downer. 

Like I’m in a great mood. I slept good, ate a good meal, feeling optimistic and then her voice makes me so down. I couldn’t listen to her anymore so I muted her lol. Why does she have to talk like that? She sounds like she needs therapy.

I’m a 3/3 on this and here’s why…

1. Suppressing my emotions – I keep myself busy and being busy allows me to ignore the feelings I have.

2. Letting stress get out of control – because I keep myself busy and my mind active on projects, video games, and watching youtube. It causes stress because I’m solving problems like: How to make the perfect bracelet, trying to beat a boss or finish a hard quest line, or watching the news or shit like above on YT. 

3. Negative thoughts and feelings that you failed – I keep myself busy and get pissed off or frustrated into feeling like a failure when I can’t complete tasks as mentioned above.

4. Being on social medial all the time – Ehhh…I don’t really care about or obsess over social media so this one is not me. The only thing I’m consistent with is Facebook and it’s been like that since I moved 3k miles away from friends and family. I have other SM accounts but I hardly or rarely use or care about them I don’t really go out of my way to chat with most people too. I do have this blog but this is a project. 

As for my self-esteem from comparing myself to others online, it’s a 4/10 depending on my PMS. lol I don’t give a rats balls about what other people are doing unless I’m already in a funk about something else. I tend to take when people say and do with a grain of salt. People exaggerate, not that they lie on purpose but it’s human to exaggerate. It doesn’t make them bad people, I’m just more inclined to not take it seriously.

5. Being true to yourself – I already do this. I don’t do what I don’t want to do. Sometimes I’ll plan to do something but later on if feel like I don’t want to do it anymore? Guess what, I don’t do it. I don’t give excuses or feel like I need to explain to anyone. I make a commitment but sometimes I need to look out for myself if I’m not feeling up for it. I’ll do it later or I won’t do it at all. If other people have an issue with that, they can kiss my ass.

6. Bad posture – No, I have a decent posture. I’ve gotten used to sitting straight for meditation that I can keep my back aligned most of the time. I used to be bad with this.


My problems are stress-related due to the fact I’m always working on something to keep myself busy. It helps the time go by faster but I’m easily stressed or frustrated especially when I’m in the middle of something “important” and have to be interrupted by the need to eat, sleep or pay attention to something else. I’ve always been this way and it’s hard to stop.

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