Why are “naturally thin” and “born with a fast metabolism” totally acceptable explanations for weight, but “naturally fat” and “born with a slow metabolism” seen as “excuses” for “laziness/irresponsibility/greediness”?

Answer: ignorance, fat stigma and discrimination.

Being naturally thing and with a fast metabolism isn’t all sunshine and rainbows either. My bf has this. He can eat all the junk he wants and won’t gain a single pound but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a health complications because he does. I wont get into because it’s personal but don’t think someone has it “easy” just because they are naturally skinny and with a fast metabolism.

Shut the fuck up. Maybe you should use some of that high metabolism to metabolise some critical thinking skills and empathy

Umm…wow? I’m so confused. It’s my boyfriend with the high metabolism. 😯 Mine is average. I think? Anyway I’m totally lost here.

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