Female Nipple Piercing Pros and Cons from a Piercer – EP 04

I have/had over 20 piercings.

Take it from me:

I considered getting this piercing for about 10 years. YES it took me 10 fucking years to get it done and I don’t regret it.

Got them done for aesthetic. For me. Not for anyone else or because of the “sensitivity”. 


But it’s not the worse piercing. For me, it’s my ears. My ears hurt more and the healing is more painful in my ears than my breasticles. 

If you want both done, do it in one day because the likelihood you’ll get around to do the other is low. The piercer was a guy but I wasn’t at all nervous about THAT. I was more nervous about the pain than anything because this is a professional. It’s no different than having a guy as an OBGYN. Just not as daunting. 

I nearly kicked my piercer in the balls on accident. It was so painful that I totally forget to laugh and you’re not supposed to take painkillers BEFORE getting pierced. I probably had taken a few either before or after. It was so painful that I don’t remember. 

However, after the initial piercing, it was okay, no pain.

It takes about a year to two years to heal. 

It gets snagged and caught into things and it hurts a lot… for a split second.

When it gets cold out and you’re not wearing a bra, good luck!

You need to keep some kind of antibacterial soap and ointment around for when it gets snagged so much that it bleeds. It’s normal. Just need to clean it.

No matter what bra you have, it somehow finds a way to get caught in it. IDK Y this happens to me. I might be the only one.

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