“What happens when scene kids, emo kids and metalheads grow up in 2020? I explore a few of the most common options like indie hipster, graphic designer, photographer, military, powerlifter, podcast bro and more! Find out what happens to scene kids then and now!

Now, these days I’m heavily into graphic design, information technology, web developing and computer stuff. I tried the podcast thing and I’d still love to get back into it. My BF insists on calling me a hipster yet I protest. LMAO 

This video was hilarious and yet so accurate. Like a lot of emo-scene kids back then my interests went into nerdy stuff.

Here’s a few pics to showcase my emo-scene phase over 10-11 years ago!

Yeah ummmmm….I look kind of creepy LOL!

But I think that was the whole point at the time. I had the convenience of short hair and clip-in extensions, IDKY I never thought of dying my hair different colors like I do now. Probably because of working at the time.

I liked looked weird and seeing the reaction people would have. Like you can read the question marks on peoples faces and I was overly hyper at the time. I was kind of that annoying weeb (Japanese fan) who listened to screaming all day. Definitely mellowed out but to be honest I also wasn’t medicated yet.

Hmmm…I can’t help but wonder what would have transpired between Erik and I at this time. Eh. It’s best not to think about it too much. lmao!

I posted it in the wrong blog! xD

Oh and yeah back in the day everyone took pics in the bathroom LMAO!

Had a Nikon professional camera because I wanted to do some like photography and photo editing. 

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