When two Bards meet randomly on a quest.

I love everything about this? The Suit walking out of the subway holding on to a flute! His double-take! How he practically SKIPS back to where the Busker is sitting! LOOK AT THAT CHILDLIKE GLEE ON THE SUIT’S FACE! HE CAN BARELY PLAY THROUGH IT!! The Busker realizing “OH THIS IS HAPPENING” and taking a moment to exaggerate his playing so the Suit can pick up the riff! The Suit without any prompting taking the supporting role in their impromptu jam session and letting the Busker lead!! The Busker respectfully (and skillfully) switching gears into the coda to finish as the Suit does!! 


Pardon the reblog on main I just really wanted to share how much this made me smile! 

Bards be like that

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