I Love My Ignorance

Before exploring and accepting my intuitive gifts, I’d think psychics we’re always snooping around people’s private lives. Sure of course every now and then I get curious as to wtf is up with this person and so on. It’s natural.

But since harnessing my gifts I refuse to explore people in a way that is unethical and well….rude. I wouldn’t want someone to pry into my private life for their own gains, I wouldn’t do that.

However when im faced with a question from my followers, if someone wants to know something specific about someone else I will entertain the question because it’s their question and their business. I will hope they use the information in a positive way.

Beyond that, there are some things I rather not know about. Like my future, how a friend or family member is doing now they are dead. An old friend of mine passed away from cancer and I still haven’t checked on him. I don’t want to. I feel skeevy because I know his wife and it kind of goes against my personal ethics. I loved them both to death for years. They were so perfect for each other But if he wanted to come through, that might be okay later down the road. It still hurts that he’s gone and I feel guilty for not keeping in touch. I last spoke with him when his daughter was born two years ago. So no, I don’t like to summon spirits. I rather come through at their own accord.

Erik is very considerate.

He’s so by asking if it’s alright he bring in someone or to ask about how I feel about things beforehand. That way I’m not royally pissed the fuck off at him. Erik might be dead but it doesn’t excuse him from my wrath. Trust me, I’ve cursed him out from top to bottom before.

Bitch by Meredith Brooks &

Always a women by Billy Joel

Both pretty much pin points my attitude. Lol 😆 then again I’m a Gemini and a water sign so it’s not far off.

Some things are just best unknown.

Just because I’m intuitive doesn’t mean I have to have or need all the info. Besides I have a feeling if I ever swung that way I’d be put in my place by having wrong info anyway. When I was told some things we’re going to happen I try to forget I was ever told that because I still love my sanity and being psychic or intuitive is still a work in progress in spite if being so my whole life. I still get creeped out when things turn out exactly as I thought.

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