Last night’s lucid dream and waking up talking to Erik

For three nights now, I’ve been working on astral travel and lucid dreaming, taking all the advice I’ve learned from the vieo I posted about it. 


But since I’m having some personal issues with SEEING Erik, lately he appears to be someone else or I’m in a dark void. Like last night, I remember seeing a 17 dollar bill among a heap of cash and I was walking to or from school. Money was just appearing everywhere and no one was allowed to touch it. I think it was about my ability to save my money or learning how to save money and 1+7 is 8 and 8 mean infinite abundance. I think Erik appeared as one of the teachers. A math teacher to be exact. He’s one of my guides so it sounds about right.

Well, I’m expecting a heap of cash.


The O’Jays – For The Love of Money and plays bass riff 🎶🎸 *

About 10k for my disability plus I finally got Texas Workforce to get my last paycheck from my previous job.

I’m buying a 4 and 5 string bass yall! I CAN’T FUCKING WAIT TO PLAY AGAIN! Rick has his guitars too so I finally get to jam with someone else for a change. I’m so excited.

After everything I’ve gone through, hell yeah I deserve this shit. Fuck yeah, baby!

My life just keeps getting better! 😂👌

I’m gonna be rolling in dough but I’ll have to try to not go crazy with it. I need to save up for a new apartment, pay a few things off, and work on my credit. Since I used to work for a debt settlement/dismissal firm years ago, I kind of remember how to get shit removed from my credit report. I have mostly medical bills.

Just hoping that Jason contacts me so I can pay my brother to pick my shit up from his storage unit. That’s IF he hasn’t gotten rid of it. I don’t even know. I have a feeling he fucked up somehow and lost all my shit and ghosted me. I HATE when people have to lie like that and I especially hate it when a “friend” tells you to stay in touch, give you their email address but then ghosts. He knows me so I guess something happened to my shit and he doesn’t want to be honest. That’s not a real friend. I hope he has an honest reason for ghosting me because this is bullshit.

So yeah Erik and I talked while I was sleeping.

I forgot what we were talking about. but I remember being in a black void and he was trying to get me to go to our astral home but I was hesitant, I vaguely remember him saying something encouraging. But then I had to take a piss and since I was half awake I still thought we were talking 😂 so I remember saying something like, “Damn it I got to piss”. I crawled out of bed and shuffled my way to the bathroom still talking to him. This is in my head btw.

He was like, “Well then go piss and come back. Let’s try it again.”

I’m peeing and the light is burning my eyes and I felt like a vampire, “I’m too tired to work on this, leave me alone…”

“What do you mean, you were doing great!”

“It would be great if I could dream like a NORMAL person, Erik.”

I climbed back into bed and continued off until another dream came. I felt like I didn’t want to work on astral travel or seeing him. I knew I was dreaming in some dreams like the one with all the money because I remember thinking, “Oh shit, that’s a lot of money, and wow a 17$ bill, that’s not fucking real, 1+7 is 8.”, and so on, so on. But I was complacent on just watching my dream as if it were a movie. Sometimes my dreams are like that. I’m not really in them but I’m watching some either hilarious comedy, a horror movie, or a mashup of all kind of shittery. 

Guess I do remember a little more now that I’m thinking of it…🤷‍♀️

But I don’t really want to say. Pretty much I was my higher self in my garden and Erik decided to bug me there. My higher self can be a bit cold and secretive. Let’s just say he was annoying me as usual and wouldn’t leave me the fuck alone. 

😘💞 Be safe out there!

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