What is it like to have a boyfriend while Erik is your twin flame?

It’s kind of freaky because it’s like I’m the female version of Jack Tripper from Three’s Company and in the astral Erik is the Jack Tripper to my Higher Self and me in the astral “Home” I created. Mostly freaky because Erik and Rick are very similar. Luckily I’ve not confused any of them.

In honesty, sometimes I wish Rick was my twin flame instead but I know it’s not the case. Having a relationship with a dead twin flame is complicated and difficult. There are days I would avoid talking to Erik because I want to feel normal. Even that is hard to do.

All in all we three get along just fine. Erik of course loves Rick being that they are so similar. I know that Erik would love to be one of Rick’s close friends. He’d fit right in actually. Especially when we are working on music and jamming together. Would be more often when I can get my bass guitar shipped from home.

Thanks for asking!

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