Saw My Dr

She’s going to keep me on the medications I’m on minus the buspar. I don’t think it does much anymore anyway. It was a long visit because it was my first time there.

We restocked on the weed.

This one is on the sweeter side and honestly I don’t think it made me paranoid like most weed does. When the high wore off, I was just tired and hungry. I definitely passed out faster.

The downside to smoking, I get paranoid and in some cases hypersensitive. I’m already sensitive so it’s a nightmare. So far since I’ve been able to smoke on the regular again. I haven’t had what some call psychosis. Erik had a literal field day coming along with us to buy some weed. It’s 😄 funny because had he waited he’d be able to enjoy the spoils of legal 🌿 weed.

We also had to do a little more shopping.

I saw an old dude around without a mask at the pharmacy. Like, he’s probably picking up medications for his diabetes (because I was eavesdropping) which makes him a higher risk. 🙄😒😑 I guess he has a death wish. It kind of annoyed me because I’m starting to get tired of having to wear a 😷 mask and both Rick and, Erik are on my ass about using them

Well it’s brunch time. Guess I’ll crawl out of bed and cook something.

😘❤ Have a great day!

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