Someone asked what this meme meant so here it is:

Your Twin Flame is literally the other half of your soul. Sometimes, there is an instant attraction to them. Doesn’t really have to be, that’s not the point.

When we do know our Twin Flame, usually there is something or someone preventing you from being with them. We are “forced” to stay with a Soul Mate and that’s not a bad thing unless you are really unhappy. Your soul will always yearn to be with your other half.

So how I look at it is, the guy sees and recognizes potential in a Twin Flame. The woman walking away doesn’t know or see him worthwhile. Like she’s the runner and he’s desiring to chase after her. The Soul Mate represents the situation, karma, or something holding him back.

That’s why I made it.

who could sense the Twin Flame’s presence, one way or another always directed at them. They will meet each other, find all in common between the two souls. A special affection will occur, and if lucky, they will come together. There are also some other cases, if they can sense something special but have yet to be together, the future will surely bring them together.

Amen 🌺😄

But always together. Never apart. No one is truly alone. It’s a beautiful thing! Thanks for reposting.

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