Twin Flame Love Signs

It’s been a long time since I stumbled on these stupid things… 🤦‍♀️

Someone has to say it. I’m brutally honest and because this needs to be taken seriously. This post is honestly going to save your life. If you want a better life you have to read this post and don’t get your panties in a twist. Take it seriously. I promise you I’m only trying to help. If you don’t, you’re only going to make things harder for yourself and it will be your fault. I promise you when you’ve had enough, you’ll come back to this post and understand why this was posted.

Now first and foremost….

Everyone IS A TWIN FLAME! Ive never ever met anyone who didnt have one. People get it confused. It’s not that you don’t have one, it’s that you haven’t met them yet YET!

We are all made of yin and yang. We split and that’s it. Very simple. We become one when we combine our engeries with our Twin Flames. I mean, it only makes sense. It sounds silly when you think about it. Why the fuck would someone NOT have a twin flame?

Idk maybe some people want to think they are special 🙄 and claim “oh BTW I am a twin flame” and blah blah blahdy blah blah.

  1. We are all soul mates because we all come from scorce.
  2. We have ONE Twin Flame because you don’t call triplets a set a twins. It’s silly! It’s impossible to have more than one twin flame. For the love of god lmfao!
  3. We all have spiritual gifts, some are just dormant. You’re just not actively working on growing it. That’s fine!
  4. No one is special!… Not even me. 🤣

OK now… ☝️😞

Signs are damaging and to remind you all, here is why:

  1. Soulmate can fit the description and if you believe in “false twin Flame” (😆 lol why??) they will also fit the bill and confuse you.
  2. These signs can and will distract you from what is really important….a relationship with someone who I’d RIGHT FOR YOU, regardless if they are your twin flame it doesn’t matter!
  3. I feel that people who use these signs are desperate. Desperation sent out to the universe will give you EXACTLY what you don’t need. An asshole spouse.
  4. You don’t need these signs. You don’t need a Twin Flame. What you neeeeeed to do is focus on your personal development, get to know and appreciate and love yourself, focus on your spiritual development, have a relationship with spirit (or God or whatever), expand your spirituality because you need all of these when you meet your twin flame…. Or not. It doesn’t matter!
  5. This is how abusive and unhappy relationships begin.
  6. I think people post this laughable garbage to gain credibility. Sad. People rather believe in half-truths than the facts.

I learned this shit the hard way.

I admit that at the time I was in all relationships the term soul mate and twin flame was NEVER in my vocabulary but you don’t need to know these terms to fall victim. Take your head out of your ass and just focus on your own development. You. Don’t. Need. This. Propaganda.

Has anyone told you some of the best relationships come along when you’re not desperate? It’s true. Don’t be desperate.

Love yourself enough to wait and leave these stupid lists behind you!

This has been a public TSA. If I’ve made any sense… Like, repost and follow.

Or not, I don’t care.

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