Twin Flames and Parallel Lives

I like to compare it to biological twins separated at birth. I have a biological twin but we are not alike. Maybe the same sense of humor but we don’t like the same things. I think it’s because growing up we were treated like we did. 😂 We fought all the time especially because he was tidy and neat and I didn’t give a flying fuck.

A few nights ago I was watching this mystery show about twins that shared parallel experiences. Of course became a trigger but I toughed it out to try to listen to the story. It’s funny, erie, disturbing to think back on some events that happened in our lives. I know just because this happens for some people it doesn’t always indicate twin flameship. It just happen we hit jackpot… Unfortunately imo.

Erik is always trying to remind me how we are twin flames. 🙄😑

I don’t particularly like it but he’s persistent. It feels fucked up because my whole life it was like I KNEW but didn’t understand. Erik knows the shock is still grody. I don’t like talking about or thinking it too much about it for the reason being that it’s something I still have to work through.

I start my new job on Thanksgiving. Why, idk but I hope I get holiday pay. I’m not too concerned about how busy it will be. I just want to get paid and save up. But importantly I need to buy my way to Florida for my hearing in January.

😘❤️ Have a blessed day!

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