OK So this is an example of how this whole matrix works…

This girl is the higher/spirit-self and this is the player here. She’s creating or maping out her incarnation as seen. She’s funny so you should get a good laugh at this.

Now remember time isn’t linear. Everything is happening all at once. So she would actually be directing multiple versions of her (YOU) including this character or incarnation. So let’s use this as example and focus on one of many lives she’s directing.

So she creats the “DREAM LIFE” but we all know we don’t always pick the best lives and for good reason. If everyones life was a “dream” then we wouldn’t be playing this game.

It’s a little long (that’s what she said) but you will get the point I’m trying to make here:

The computer/gameplayer = YOU as who you really are! This is your higher/spirit self

The character = YOU in this life incarnated on earth as well as your last lifes.

Very simple.

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