The Explosion


Yup I’m not far from the place that exploded. I was honestly one of the few that didn’t believe it until it was on the news yesterday while eating dinner. Since I don’t like watching the news I didn’t stay in the cafeteria. All I’m aware of is that at the time there were just 21 injuries.

LA Fitness was caput and I had gone there for a week! It’s so crazy because I really liked the hot guy in administrative. Of course he was nice but damn I hope he’s okay! 😭 It’s crazy to hear bad shit about my county. Like generally nothing as serious happens. From my knowledge, the high school (Stoneman Douglas) in Parkland and now a Plantation Shopping Center.

I’m like, well fuuuck!

*knocks on wood* 😳 I live in a ghetto and it’s already creepy here during the day. Police, just about every night,, junkies and questionable people trying to push drugs or con you for change. I’m still not used to being in places like this. As a suburban girl originally from a small/farm town in Connecticut.

I heard it was a gas leak.

😘💕❤ I love you guy!

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