“Focusing on my own mental health was difficult in the beginning. I needed to ascertain the difference between where my environment was shaping my thoughts and where my mind was affecting how I perceived things.”- Adrian Smith (@adrian3d), artist

Happy Mental Health Month, Tumblr!

Mental Health is important. With May being Mental Health Awareness Month, we want to take this opportunity to not only facilitate discussions on mental health but also to help those who aren’t familiar with mental health issues and coping strategies learn how to navigate these choppy waters. 

For many people, discussing mental health issues was not a welcomed topic in their childhood home. Whether you come from families whose cultural values didn’t totally align with your own, or you felt unsafe discussing who you really are—we see you. No matter if you’re just starting on your mental health journey or have been tackling it for some time, you should be proud of your accomplishments thus far.

All month long Post It Forward will be sparking dialogue surrounding four big issues many people—especially young people—face today: eating disorders, anxiety, addiction, and suicide. 

This will be tough. For some, it will be really tough. But it’s important that we let people know it is okay to be open and honest with your personal struggles.

If you don’t want to see these posts, don’t worry. We got you. We’ll be putting content warnings in all of our tags, and you can filter those tags right off your dashboard. You can have total control over what you see (and don’t see). 

Now…let’s have the first discussion. Tumblr, if you could tell a younger version of yourself anything about mental health, what would you say? Use the hashtag #postitforward in your post so others can see your conversation easily! 

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