Getting Disability

Since I’m in a program, I have a caseworker who filled out my disability. It helps she has an autistic grandchild so talking to her is easy. She takes her time explaining what I need to know and she’s straightforward. She told me that in all honesty, I will only get about 🤷🏼‍♀️ 800$. Talking to my mom, she found out she will get approved for less than that.

Which means…. They are going to get me and my mom to live together. We don’t want to but it will be temporary. At least I will have Odin back. While living with each other, we want to find under the table supplementary income. I will have my business and still try to find something else. I’m motivated enough to do so because living down here is expensive.

My twin brother wants me to move north.

I’m strongly considering it because it’s closer to the theme parks 😆 and I like Tampa and Gainesville. So I will talk to my brother about possibly moving to Gainesville and convince mom to come with. I know for a FACT that I need a change of scenery.

Lately my mom’s been asking about grand children…. 😒 Does she know that there is no such thing as immaculate conception? I mean I, there are “phantom pregnancies”. But uuuhhhhhhh… 🤨 No? I don’t even think in this life time it will be possible. 😑 I refuse to wind up a single parent and I wouldn’t burden my own mother like that. I told her not to count her chickens or hold her breath…. Even though I have like….*counts fingerd* 9 years left on my clock 🤯😭.

😘💞💕❤️ That’s it, I’m going back to sleep…

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