Were Jesus and Mary Magdalene twin flames, and if so does that mean God split in half when he incarnated?

Jesus’ Twin Flame

God says he’s very happy you have ask and it’s a great question. Thank you! Personally I thought so too.

Short answer: No. There was also a documentary a while back about Jesus being her husband. Look it up. That is also not true.

Long answer:

  • God is already fused in to one since his incarnate as Jesus died on the cross. He’s the creator therefore he doesn’t need a twin flame.
  • You are on track. When he incarnated he did split so only in his case (not true for all of us) he is his own begotten son as well.
  • He says he’s not a spirit. Think of him like a power box. He’s the source of all there is. He appears in spirit form however.
  • Depending on your belief system he appears in what ever form that you are familiar with. For example I grew up a Christian so I see him as God. Some might see him as a ball of light, Buddha, Muhammed, etc. Sometimes he appears straight up as Jesus to wake some people up. That’s true for “born again” Christians. They really did have an experience with him.

God wants me to make sure that I says religion based on his teachings is very “good”. The problem is translation and interpretation of the Bible.

We have God’s (or saints) with thier myths and legends and whatnot. Think of God being the sole Christian God where other civilizations and cultures have thier own gods. The Bible is almost no different than than the stories we hear about mythology. The difference is the Bible is correct however translation and interpretation kind of muddied it. I probably made no sense…

He also wanted me to point out he isn’t all fearing as I said myself.

Think of him as just another spirit even though he’s not. Despite our beliefs he doesn’t hold judgment or resentment. When you die, it’s not HIM who punishes and whatnot. We are left facing our own misconducts.

Heaven and hell are not places. They are a state of being. Yes, Satan exists in the same way God does. There is always a balance of good and evil, right or wrong, etc… So it’s like here, we are happy because we are in heaven. When we are sad, we are in hell. He’s not a “bad guy”. He would like for all of us to follow his example but he’s not going to send you to hell for commuting a crime.

When people do something “bad” he sees to it that “karma” is thrown at you.

However we have multiple lives! We have all been bad people in at least one past life! People forget that we aren’t perfect. He says (just as I have) that can’t grow without tragedies, challenges or misfortunes. Yes, it seems unfair but it was necessary as per your contract. You have to get over the idea such challenges won’t or can’t happen to you. If you can’t face these challenges head-on, you will continue to have them until you “get it right”.

Think I’ve rambled on enough. He says he’s happy you ask that question.

😘 💞 💕 ❤️ Thank you!

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