I lurve perknurts

Lmfao 😂 👌🏼 LOL inside joke. I love me some pancakes. Lemme give you a tip from one with a culinary degree xD lol…Pumpkin Cheesecake Pancakes:

Pre-made pancake mix


Whipped cream cheese (easier to mix)


Pumpkin spice and sugar

Vanilla extract

Mix it all together THICK!!! …It’s better to make more than not enough but make sure the batter is thick or else you will get a crepe (I call them creeps lol!) So mix until smooth, cook on both sides on medium-high heat. When finished, put in freezer to chill. It’s best served cold and with plain syrup. I would try a pumpkin flavored one.

You can do this without the pumpkin flavoring by using a fruity whipped cream cheese added with vanilla extract and sugar. You can add some fruit in the mix but it’s best to serve on top and use a fruit flavored syrup. You can (I think) make your own with 1:1 ratio of sugar and water with fruit juice. Just a thought.

It’s fucking amazing!!! LOVE IT!!!

All things aside, after panic attacks I’m okay.

Everything is okay… I’m going to die… No, not really but I’m not feeling well. I just want to be happy but lately and I guess for the past decade, I haven’t been given a break. I’m nooooooot going to kill myself. I want to live because I know there is something happening. Not sure what exactly but I don’t want to be like Erik and die realizing how fucked up that was. Got a huge migraine…

It bothers me. I don’t like suspense and I was told a little bit of something and now I’m left with WHAT THE FUCK?! In my gut I know some shit is going down and honestly want to be around. Still have no clue what I’ll do about my living situation. I’m not leaving Odin that’s awful. Not having him, I would fall apart and probably die. I’m not joking. He means more to me than anything. Especially now since I don’t have anyone.

Finally broke up for good this time.

Didn’t let Vince guilt trip me into staying. He thinks I will never survive without him. He has zero confidence in me because he thinks he knows best for me. I’ll prove him wrong I just can’t let him know I’m low-key freaking out.

😘 💞 💕 ❤️ I still want tacos 😆 lol I’m kidding.

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