Oooooh boy…

Lemme just list a few reasons why I dislike being “psychic”. Here goes:

*clears throat* ☝🏼😔

  1. Some people treat you like a magic 8 ball 🎱.
  2. Some time I think I’m going senile a little earlier than I’d like although definitely not happening.
  3. I’m not yet skilled in blocking entries of spirits that want my attention.
  4. Knowing” information I didn’t ask for and rather not hear.
  5. Emotions are high and overwhelming. Happiness and sadness…
  6. Hearing the chatter between Erik and others when I’m trying to do other things.

Now, what I do like about being intuitive:

Eeehhhh… 🤷🏼‍♀️

Keep in mind it’s not always saught after, but why some people want to be psychic, idk. It’s not my place to judge I’m just saying. Sometimes I wish I could wake up from this nightmare… Vince included.

It’s not like I rolled out of bed and whent, “Today I’m going to talk to spirits and kick it with God!”… Uh, I can tell you as an agnostic (was, now Gnostic Thiest), that shit wasn’t even on my mind. I played with psychics but generally didn’t find them helpful. Now, I’m one of them. 😂 My how the tables turn.

I’m learning now how to take it in stride.

Never on purpose try to abuse my gift or lurk in to peoples private lives. I wouldn’t want that on me either. Besides it’s just not normal and I’m trying very hard to keep my feel on the ground. When I do my readings however I feel good helping people.

I feel a sense of accomplishment and… Pride 😏 in what I do. I mean pride in that I’m doing things on my own without help. Having my own accomplishments is important. Why take credit for someone else? What’s the fun in that? I don’t feel my services will ever stop as long as I’m truly helping people. Especially twin flames who are like Erik no longer on this exstance. I feel a great need and joy guiding people like me who lost someone. Only I never got to meet Erik. Just a psychic connection I didn’t understand. 🤷🏼‍♀️

😘 💞 💕 ❤️ Good night guys

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