Venting (…Sorry 😕)

I don’t understand how I’m a magnet for psychos and assholes. This guy calls me retarded. He gets himself fired in EVERY job and refuses to take responsibility but I’m retarded and he’s trying to kick me out. I hate to say this I’m just lost for words. He’s not worked more than a week. First he’s sick and now his car won’t start. He has options how he can get to work but he won’t take the bus or Uber. His parents would have helped him with the bus fare but he’s not asked because he feels he’s too good for riding a bus. Said he’s waiting for his “friend”… Nowhere to be seen.

He calls my spirits imaginary friends but yet claims he’s on the spiritual path?!

I can’t even right now. He blew the fuck up at me for calling him out. I’ve had enough yet he fails to realize he’s the problem. Yeah Im not perfect but I don’t get fired from every job… I’m serious! Every single job in the past 2 years. Why? Because he’s irresponsible, selfish, and a drug addict. He blames all his problems on everyone else. Now he’s blaming me for ruining his life.

This all started because his mom must have “bothered” him about going to work. He’s fired. I garuntee it… He knows why too. I don’t know what I’m going to do. He can’t kick me out because I’m on the lease and he threatened to get me baker-acted! I’m not in danger of hurting myself or anyone. He’s being psychotic. Forgot to mention last year he had not works for more than six months…

Erik and God are helping me and I appreciate it but Im completely lost.

The lease is up in a few short weeks and he says he wont let me sign the lease… 1) I don’t want to sign the lease 2) He can’t legally kick me out…. But I don’t feel safe with him either. Omg I can’t believe it. How is he one to say I won’t survive without him when he can’t survive without mommy and daddy.

I’m just going to stay away from him.

Just heartbroken that I couldn’t see this coming sooner. He knows taking Odin with me won’t be an option so he’s using him to hang over my head that I would make a bad mother for abandoning him. I wouldn’t even dream of doing that. He’s my world.

😘 💞 💕 ❤️ I’ll be okay, love you guys!

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