Co-host Kane is my twin brother and has a TF incarnated and I have mine in the afterlife so we offer different experiences on our situations with our topics. Today, we talk about what spiritualists don’t tell you about Twin Flames.

Warning: Generalizations and strong opinions (not “facts”). Sorry in advance.

Key Points:

*Spirituality is important and why “signs and symptoms” are bullshit.
Knowing yourself and integrating with your higher self
*Communication using the right language to your earthly and psychic communication to spirits.
*Terms and condition, you are mirrored therefore experiencing life simultaneously learning the same thing but it depends on your evolution level. Syncro.
*Everyone had a TF, just not everyone knows them.
Merging and how it works. Long distance being required. “Phone lines and frequency” Not a significant amount of distance, just distance as most relationships are distant.
What is the evolution process. It’s different for everyone. Not a race.
*Spiritualists don’t explain the many spiritual facets such as spiritself/higherself, Parallel selves, and for starseeds/ GIs (galactic self)

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