System Of A Down – Toxicity

Just wanted to share the ONE song that completely changed my life. I switched from bastreet boys, Britney Spears, TOGETHER, 98 Degrees, O’Town, Kid rock, Lil Kim, Eminem and Linkin Park (modern rap in general per 2000-2003ish) to this band and it confused my mom because she didn’t like this band. I learned to appreciate them more when I read about them trying to get attention about the Armenian genocide. Horrible! Then listened to the lyrics closely. I love this band. Erik isn’t as crazy about them but anyone who liked them as an automatic friend. ROFL

TBH I had no idea what the lyrics meant. I just loved how silly they are. They were my first concert and they really are funny. xD To this day I still know all the lyrics to every song. My brother @seeker-healer and I would sing the last (2?) albums together with Him doing Serj and I playing Daron. We used to dance and sing the entire albumb. On a road trip with a friend in 2009 I think, Aaron and I went to Tampa (4 hour drive) sining every album. I was going to visit Josh who was my long-distance boyfriend at the time. Never had so much fun.

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