An Arranged Marriage Ceremony with Romania’s Teen Witches

For the “christians/catholics” out there. What do you think prayer is?!?!? It’s no different that saying a spell. Burning candles and lighting incense too also a “witch” thing. Some people seem to forget that! I pray, believe in god and the bible (although I feel not 100% accurate as something translated up the ass and interpreted differently) also wearing the cross or angel/saint pendant…That is a form of protection isn’t it? So is wearing crystal pendants. Praying to saints also no different than belief in gods. Think about that! I think this family is kind of cool. Would be better if they didn’t have to marry within the family. Isn’t there still even a small chance for birth defects? Or maybe they are all “retarded” lol jk.

Also our marriage ceremonies again no different than doing a spell or “ritual”. We meet the priest/pastor/whatever, they read a “spell” or prayer from the bible right?! On top of that it’s done in a church. No different than doing some witch ceremonies with a coven!

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