My Grandmother

She kind of looks like this except I know exactly how she did look. I just like this picture a lot. She was kind of a diva. She always looked very regal and wise. She died when I was 2 and before being able to talk to her, I would get emotional over the fact that she was gone. It took several sessions to stop sobbing every time she visited me. Growing up, I was always told I basically could be a reincarnation of her. I feel her now lol! Oh jeez…It was later I found out she was my mother in a past life. Now these days she’s visiting me just about everyday. If it wasn’t for her, I probably wouldn’t have considered “getting right with God” when I did. She and my grandfather had a Protestant church in the small community we lived in connecticut. She of course knew all the gossip and had a big mouth. At least that’s what my mom told me. She would throw whatever she could at her if she was in trouble. I can see it be done in a comedic way and my mom being how she is just take it as a threat.

What’s making me laugh,

… is knowing how she smoked like a chimney and had this attitude like you can’t fuck with her. Like she would always be 5 steps ahead of the game. She also drank Tangeray (Gin) and Tonic often. I can totally see her be a geisha mother in a kimono with one of those long cigarette thingies hanging from her mouth, an abiccus in her hand and a permanent frown on her face. Smoke all around her and even with a frown just saying some goofy random shit.

Something like, “If you go out like that you will catch more than a cold. If it’s not the kind you can eat (crabs…We had them there a lot and my grandparents used to go fishing), don’t come back!”

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