Erik is excited to watch this with me. I’m like so over this musical that I may as well have had a role.

One night after karaoke with my “group” we went to IHOP and we just busted out of nowhere singing La Vie Boheme and it was the most fun and amazing. If only we had a recording! I’m kind of upset about that no one thought to record it. It’s something I’ll never forget how we put on a show at 3am like that. Too perfect. I miss doing musicals at karaoke with others. It more than just singing lol I love making a fool out of myself when I’ve had a few shots in me.

Another favorite is All That Jazz from Chicago. I used to “perform” that at karaoke too. Sooooooo much fun and if you love musicals and karaoke DO IT!!!!

It gives me goosebumps when I think back on it.

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