Erik said he played WoW. I made fun of him because he was a noob. In PVP I would have smoked his ass lol. Nah, not really. Back then I hardly knew how to play either. I only picked up the game because there was a dude I had a crush on and it lead to some events I rather not remember…But anyway before I start spilling anymore useless information, I wanted to take a moment to appreciate my main. She’s badass.

No, I’m not a hardcore gamer in anymeans. I just play to have fun with the quests and my professions and out DPS people in dungeons. Raids are hard for me to focus on because there’s so much more going on and people on voice chat are always talking over another. Then of course if you aren’t playing up to thier standards ie. when I fell off a course and landed to my death, you can get kicked out of the dungeon for something petty like that. I’m not about that life.

Anywho, if you want my gamertag, lemme know! ^__^’…Or just find me in the game and give me gold because I’m kind of a broke bitch. ROFL xD

Just noticed I ranked 4 in the last kill ROFL omg..

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