So I’ve been really interested in twin flames recently and was wondering, what’s the difference between a false twin flame relationship and a runner/chaser twin flame relationship? Did you experience a false twin flame relationship before finding Erik? Also, I’ve been seeing a lot of 11:11 or 1:11 and I read that it could be a tf sign. Do you think that’s true? Thank you! 💛

Hey there! 👋🏼😜

Anyone NOT your TF ie soul mate or kindred sprit is a false twin flame. Someone’s either your TF or not. It only makes sense. I feel like people have to make things complicated by adding more shit. I just got Erik’s seal of approval.

As for me meeting false twin flames…. Well for me personally yes I’ve met mine because everyone else I dated were soul mates or kindred spirits. I’m not too clear on the difference between SM and KS are and to be honest I don’t care right now.

The run and chase is I think what happens when someone is more spiritually mature than the other. I think people are under this false idea that when you meet your tf that you have to force the relationship. It may not work out now or in the next life. You aren’t obligated to have a relationship with your TF under any circumstances. Especially if one is abusive. Like my mom is with her TF but she’s sooooooooo “in love” 🙄 and acts like she won’t get another chance which is baloney.

The run and chase between Erik and I happened in the three lives we had where he was the runner. It would have been no different in this life if he’d not have killed himself. In that regard I’m happy we didn’t find each other. Since he’s dead to be honest with you, there were times I wanted to give all this up. We’ve caught up so we are both on the same spiritual page. The difficulty for me is the fact he’s dead. It just hurts. In a way it feels like he’s run away from me again since his suicide. I didn’t know it at the time but he said we always had some kind of psychic communication between us. The run and chase between us and our counterparts who happen to be in spirit is different because there’s no resentment, frustration, anger or hurt… All they see is love. So if someone like me really wanted to avoid this experience they would technically be the runner but again the drama just isn’t there. The TF in spirit just acts as a spirit guide with no worries.

Signs are tricky. I don’t really believe in or put too much focus on them because a lot of them can be applied to soul mates too. Then people get confused when they find they are wrong about this person being their TF when they aren’t. Lists shouldn’t be taken seriously. In fact they are damaging and I wish people would stop circulating that bullshit.

Numbers are just numbers. Sure there are some meaning to them but like those lame lists, not something you should take seriously or bank on.

1111 has several meanings: awakening, twin flames, doors opening

111 stay positive, new beginnings

Im seeing combinations of 147 so I know how annoying it is but you don’t need to make it bigger than necessary. Google: angel numbers sacred scribes

I find that helpful to figure what the numbers mean. Then just go about your day as normal. When I keep seeing them I’m like: Okay God thanks… Now what was I doing?

😘 💞 💕 ❤️ Thanks for asking!

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