Please Omg Please *venting*

This is happening a lot lately…

What’s really pissing me off right now is people making assumptions about me and too fucking dumb to ask me about what ever the fuck the “problem” is. There is a 99.9 FM % chance what ever they think, is wrong. Ignorance is fucking rampant. Holy shit no one has the balls to just ask anymore, they just cower in the corner and fill their heads with bullshit because it’s easier to do that. I stopped confronting only some people in a peaceful way to prevent conflict, because it’s like always the other person I feel WANTS a conflict or waiting in the wings to be up in arms. I don’t want to argue, I always peacefully and respectfully share an opinion. I’m not here to please everyone as I’m not perfect. Neither are you so get off your stallion.

Whatever happened to agree to disagree? 😒

I’m fucking sick people people who don’t know me or think they know me put words in my fucking mouth. Holy fuck it’s like people are so fascist if shit isn’t their way, it’s time to demonize someone with a stupid different opinion or who appears on the surface to be bad or something. Opinions are just opinions, get over it just like I have to, or stay retarded. See, at least I’m admitting openly I’m wrong too. If we keep doing this bullshit over and over, we lose out on a learning experience.

Don’t like my opinion, got a problem with me? Fucking say it in a civilized way privately to come up with with a solution. Can’t do that, just means, you’re not worth my time either…. It’s called, BEING AN ADULT.

Like my “in-laws” who assume I’m not doing anything with my life and haven’t yet asked me. Nope! So now I have to come up with a way to approach them without pissing them off; aka like an adult. The only reason I’m taking initiative is because they are my elders and I respect them. This will be interesting. Only because I’m stubborn.

Am I the only one to realizes how fucking insane this is?

I still love yall 😘 💞 💕 ❤️

… But seriously. It’s stupid.

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