One of my favorite songs as a toddler.

I sang a lot more than talk. I remember my mom freaking out when she caught me singing! So along along that; Bett Midler, From A distance and Heal The World by Michael Jackson oh and that old ass fuck hippie song coke commercial.

I started to really love singing between 3 and 5 years old and used music. Mostly in ways like that helped me learn or to cope with being on earth I guess. Oh yeah, XD like also that Jenny Song, I used it to memorise my phone number for homework. I was singing Barney songs embarrassingly even in middle school. OMG…Yeah even get those songs stuck in my head.

It was easier to believe in world peace and that you can love everyone around you (except I was extremely shy and ppl freaked me out) when you are small. I think we can agree that children are the purest.

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