Vanessa’s Take-Over

Okay so a while back I mentioned “spiritual alters”. Not familiar withg Disassociative Identity Disorder or Multiple Personality Disorder. Someone pointed out what I described to be such. I did done looking in to DID.

Let me say that when I talk about Spiritual Alters, I’m very much aware of everything going on, totally in control, there is no missing time or amnesia. Simply put when I communicate via pendulum and alphabet board I can go in to hypnosis and call upon my higher self or channel anyone I want. That includes my past life selves. Yes I can allow Abigail to talk and actually did allow her to post one entry. All done in hypnosis. Totally safe, totally cool. Anyway NO this is NOT a display of DID. Just wanted to get that out. Any time you are connecting your higher self, you are connecting with one of your spiritual alters. Okay enough rabbit-holing.

I will provide a few links below about spiritual alters.

Aside from my higher self, because she’s not. Not really but that’s whole other bag o chips. Vanessa is actually my spiritual “main character”. The root of my spirit. My higher self comes next.

Soooooo for a couple days I’ve allowed Vanessa to interact with Erik instead of projecting myself. Vanessa is projected because I’m kind of going through a bad time and talking to Erik is just kind of too painful. Anyway she can see Erik better than I can and can detach from me only if my emotions are in high gear, it bleeds through and fucks everything up.

So Erik and I as in Vanessa say on the couch and just talked about his feelings and I calmly assured there isn’t anything to worry about. He called in Vincent, not to be confused with the guy I live with. Vincent is one of my spirit guides. 🙄 So he says what I’m going through is grief over Erik’s death and sad over life in general. That makes communicating with Erik is just too hard. The severity of it is extremely difficult.

So here I am going through some shit and living in my head.

It happens. I have periods of this bullshit from time to time. I’m human okay, not perfect. This experience can be hard. Sometimes I can’t talk to Erik head-on. Imagine knowing your perfect and true other half aka twin flame is dead. He was once alive with you but time ticked and he died and we missed the boat. Never to be with ever. It fucking sucks bro. That’s kind of why I shy away from anyone or anything associated with him online. It’s too much and it isn’t fair to have never known him when he was alive. It’s just fucked up.

This is my reality. This is honest, real shit I go through. Granted that of course we have our fun and bullshitting and growth with each other. No relationship is perfect or ideal. Some of us struggle different ways. – Life being a video game – Explaining spiritual alters

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧Don’t forget to take a look at Erik’s blog ran by his amazing mom Dr Elisa Medhus. Lots of stuff about his afterlife and shit. … And YouTube

There is a new Twin Flame in spirit support forum: Spirit Spouse Support Group check it out!

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