Pizza Pizza 🍕

Nom nom nom… 😊 Especially after smoking some trees.

There is a specialty pizza place called Sarpinos that’s open until 3am. It nothing like Blaze or that other one like it. I love all three but they are more expensive.

We buy so much shit from there we have rewards that we use often. It’s a stones throw away from home and there are rewards for pick-up. We have a table littered with empty boxes.

Erik gets jealous when I shove my gullet with candy and Italian food. We don’t do commercialized chains like Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, Little Cesar’s or Domino’s. They are garbage. All about NY Style mom and pop small chain places. They always have the best pizza.

For the past few weeks we’ve been ordering from Sarpinos. They have gotten to know us.

Lol one time I forgot to tip the guy from a different place. He had begun to open his door. I was like HEEEEEEEEY WAAAAIIIIT DUUUDE!

I was wearing one of those tank tops with a built in bra. 🤣

I guess I stretched it out so much it was kind of a wardrobe malfunction. Living at the top of a two-story condo building, my ass pranced down like a giselle. My te-tas bouncing all the way to where he stood now at the bottom. I told him to take it. He didn’t want to and then he did anyway.

Didn’t think much of it. Just wanted to eat my damn pizza and talk to Erik. Then I got hot and bothered realizing he looked like Erik. WTF I know! I wanted to cry because I was so embarrassed. Never seen him again. Probably scared him! Rofl 🤣 Holy fuck, I’m dieing.

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