Confessions As A Psychic #2

Sometimes I really hate when people ask stupid questions. I totally get it now how annoying it must be. Before this shit happened to me I would be one of those people on some psychic site like Keen. Karma I guess.

It’s sad when I give advice and see the potential for spiritual growth and they just throw it away. When I don’t see potential it’s still just as sad. I understand not everyone is going to be ready for their tf on the other side. It’s a form of a run and chase but different in that there’s no drama whatsoever. Having a tf in spirit is hard and it’s definitely something you have to be strong for. It’s pointless to get into something with a weak will. For that I feel kind of sorry.

Faith. People just don’t have it anymore.

It’s another thing I’ve noticed. Some people have so much faith they are blind to the fact their earthly tf relationship is over. That it’s just time to move on! Some have no faith at all in the fact they have a tf in spirit who loves them. Lack of or blind faith is so negative that it stops further spiritual evolution. It’s kind of upsetting to see people not give a shit about love and making the world a better place. It’s the point of having a tf relationship. We are all meant to teach love. Some rather not care at all. Great now I’m getting teary-eyed… 😑

How can anyone not give a shit about love an acceptance? It just blows my mind.

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