This is the perfect drink to have just before bed. It is delicious, smells amazing and helps you to fall asleep naturally.

(via Lavender Milk)

Lavender rice is good too:

1. Start to cook rice as normal which is usually 1:1 rice and water
or one cup of water and one cup of rice.

2. While waiting for the water to boil, you can add a pinch of salt to give the water boiling a boost.

3. Chop half an onion and gather a quarter cup of lavender.

4. When the water boils add your rice, onions and lavender. You can add other seasonings like salt and peper but I’d wait until the rice is done.

5. Cover the rice and SIMMER for 20 minutes.


Unless you think it’s burning. I learned this recipie working in a french kitchen and I personally like to add mushrooms and a little bit of white whine to the water. It pairs well with chicken and probably fish like salmon or tuna.

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