sexual morality.

Morality and righteousness is based on intent, love, and in giving; yet, how is it that we as humans have come to view the act of sex with a different set of arbitrary laws? Specifically pigeonholed as an act between man and women and with righteousness based on a unsystematic number of people we have slept with, we as humans have come to bind society with a set of laws largely advantageous to a group of people with the other heavily antagonized and chastised: the imbalance between man and woman. 

 Sex is a powerful act of intent to create: the creation of pleasure, creation of love, and ultimately the creation of life. It connects and syncs two beings emotionally, physically, and mentally and is the strongest expression of love that exists in this World. The Buddha advised personal conviction as to how his followers should uphold themselves in personal relationships rather than with specific commandments based on relationship because every relationship is highly individualistic and such a varying experience, to where one binding law wouldn’t be able to educate for the many variables of intimate relationships. 

Whether between man and women, man and man, or woman and woman; love is your own personal choice, and love is the only language that is understood universally. Before any laws created by man, religion, and culture; the universe has always held us under the morals of love. Is it with the right intent? Is it based on giving? Is it based on love?


Forrest Curran

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