Boy Crazy

I’ve been in to boys since I was about 7.

In second grade my mom had dropped me at school just as my first crush walks by. I wasn’t paying attention and slammed the door on my hand. It was the most embarrassing thing to have happened.

Was known at school for being crazy and creepy. I used to keep logs of all the guys I liked and begged friends to talk to them for me. Aahhh….And the 3 way phone line confessions when I had a friend on mute while I three way a call to some boy and get him to say how he feels about her.

Adolescence was great.

Used to devise plans to get some dude to ask me out or something. So many times I was rejected but I never would learn my lesson. Another one bites the dust but did you say we have a foreign exchange student from Finland?! Yes that happened and he really did have a fan club. I kid you not.

So… Suddenly guys from my past are just cropping back up. First ray then the abusive dick, and now Michael is in town. I haven’t seen him in almost ten years and he wants to catch up with a few drinks.

I might go. He was cool.

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