He had asked me to play this song. And as it was played he asked me to find it in my heart to forgive him for leaving me in France. He asked that I follow my heart and just kept asking me to forgive him.
I’m not sure why he wanted me to hear it but he often communicates with music like changing a playlist or just tell you blatantly…
I was on the verge of tearing up. I forgave him for failing to find me but I haven’t completely forgiven him for this time in France. He cheated, left and died… And it followed me to this life where I suffered the same with guys I really loved.
Only they didn’t die when they deserve it. Pieces of shit. Because what Erik did traumatized me so much I killed myself in the convent. Each time I experienced the same bullshit, it chipped away at my soul so much I turned into a slab of ice.
I better stop now.

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