Visual People

If you’re like me, you prefer visual stuff like comics, TV, a slide show presentation to grasp a subject or instruction (thanks YouTube). Well I can read regular books to use and practice visualization techniques that way. Do I want to? Not as much. Just not enough time.

Visual people can imagine things as someone describes to them. Like, “Don’t go pissing in the wind” and you just see someone peeing in the wind. I laughed so hard when my boss said that. 😂

When we read we really see it unfold like we are watching a movie.

In school or taking instruction, unless they can show you how shit fuckin works, you’re suddenly retarded. This was a big problem for me In school and work. People would make me feel real dumb. I can’t grasp instruction by just telling me. FUCKING SHOW ME THIS SHIT ASSHOLE! Don’t tell me to do $&#@+% and expect me to understand.

If you are psychic clairvoyance and psychic sight is common because you are a visual person. Pictures just come easily to you.

Idk about you but what comes with sight is touch and taste. Like say someone is describing a scene. They say that they picked up a turd and threw it at someone’s face. So not only do you see it, but you smell and kind of feel what it must be like. Brown goopy smelly splat decorated with corn …did I gross you out? 🤣😋 Watching TV is bad too. I feel it when someone gets the axe and when I see someone go under water I find myself holding my breath.

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… And YouTube

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